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  1. How do you search for Boats for Sale?

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    How do you search for Boats for Sale?
  2. I'll do it again

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    Try to post a boat for sale and the red line of scripture says I need 3 posts befor I can do stuff. So, Hello all. I've been here a while but mostly just read and don't comment which has been fina and dandy however I got a boat to rid of now....... The Name is Winston Cundiff I'm a Paramedic...
  3. HEEEEELP! I want to buy a boat

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    Hello all. I'm looking for a skiff that can bridge the gap between a microskiff and bay. Hoping to find something in the 17-19 ft range thats not too big to pole. I dont mind pushing a little harder on the pole as a tradeoff for a bit more comfort and size of boat. Usually flyfishing 2 anglers...