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  1. General Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone has any experience or seen the boat from Brackish Boatworks out of picayune Mississipp.
  2. General Discussion
    Im throwing around the Idea of decking out a jon boat for fly fishing. Im deciding between the 1548 VBW G3, the 1652VBW G3, the 1648 G3, and any others i come across. Im planning on adding a poling platform, either forward or stern fly rod tubes, full seadeck on the floor and gunnells, either...
  3. General Discussion
    Just a kid with a project boat. Plan on decking everything, adding flotation, casting platform and poling platform, along with all necessary electronics. Motor overheats and ipilot needs a new motherboard. Should learn a lot along the way.
  4. General Discussion
    We want to bring the 10wt out for demo rides.. We are looking for a town and some help gathering people. If you want a demo and have a few guys that are interested in a demo please let me know and we will come to you.
  5. Bragging Spot
    Just finished glassing my latest design. “Diabolito” is a 17’6” with a 83” beam 8deg deadrise. Designed to draft 6” with 115merc. u can Follow whole build on Instagram @ren_stanley_boat_design or @capt_ren_stanley
1-5 of 5 Results