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  1. General Discussion
    Im throwing around the Idea of decking out a jon boat for fly fishing. Im deciding between the 1548 VBW G3, the 1652VBW G3, the 1648 G3, and any others i come across. Im planning on adding a poling platform, either forward or stern fly rod tubes, full seadeck on the floor and gunnells, either...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Fishing flats and estuaries inlets? Nsw waters? Slight v. And 5hps?
  3. Boat Yard Basics
    I just bought an 85 Hobie Power Skiff and it has a homemade side console set up like a classic `13 or `15 whaler. I am hoping to build the "Short Flatts" console from "Boat Building Central". This is my first post, so I don't think I am able to add the hyperlink. Has anyone built this console...
1-3 of 3 Results