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  1. Power it up with Electronics
    This is pretty sweet. Coming out end of August. Dakota Lithium 12v 60Ah Dual Purpose 1000CCA Starter Battery Plus Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Performance
  2. Boat Yard Basics
    Hi All, Anyone have options for holding batteries and coolers in place on the deck without drilling into it? I was hoping some sort of brackets that can be placed around the item and securing with an adhesive of sorts.
  3. General Discussion
    Last week I just purchased my first Gheenoe and there’s a lot of things I would like to do to it. my question is I have a small trolling motor I would like to hook up to it maybe add some led light strips and the bulge pump the trolling motor is a 12v what batteries do you guys recommend what...
  4. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Posting for a friend. Minn Kota 2 Bank On-board charger 10 amp. Excellent condition. $75 located in Gulf County FL. call Jerry @ 850-227-5479
  5. Power it up with Electronics
    I recently bought an AGM trolling motor battery at Bass Pro. I have a Genius single bank on board charger which is supposed to be compatible with AGM, but the battery only lasts about half a trip before going dead. Could it be that the 6A charger isn't powerful enough to properly charge the...
  6. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Purchased this battery with the intent of using it with my power winch as a stand alone unit but never completed the mission. Sold the winch and I have a practically brand new battery that I don't need. Wondering if anyone locally (I'm in Plantation very close to 595) might be getting ready...
1-6 of 6 Results