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  1. Microskiffs For Sale
    The undeniable skinny water master. After years of fishing with friends and guides, this was my made to order never sell boat. With a 500lb kevlar hull weight, a sharp entry leading to a 4 inch dead rise and a 5 inch draft, this boat goes where others quake, turns on a dime and poles with the...
  2. General Fishing
    Ok, bass guys, what is your go to frogging rod? I have a Dobyn's Sierra 766 Heavy/Fast casting rod. It's listed as a flipping rod, but will this work double duty as a decent frog rod? All opinions welcome. Thanks
  3. General Discussion
    Hey All, Looking for some advice on getting a new skiff for under 17k on a 40acre lake in Lutz Fl. I will mostly be using this boat on my home lake and to transfer between smaller lakes/rivers in central Fl. I usually fish alone but would need room for 2 people to fish and on rare occasions 3...
  4. General Discussion
    If there is anyone between Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA with a SM 1656 or a Heron, I would love to go fishing with you for a day. I'll cover beer and gas. With that being said, if anyone has a SM1656 setup for bass fishing along with flats fishing, post up some pics! For anyone with an...
  5. Florida East Coast
    just moved to south Miami and would really like to get on some peacocks. Not looking for anyone's honey holes just a general starting point. Would really like to get some on a spinner first. Also if anyone could recommend flies for them I'm new to fly fishing so any advice would be greatly...
  6. General Fishing
    Bought some new MirrOlure's Suspending Twitchbaits for Peacock bASS'n this weekend. The first one I tried is the C-Eye Pro Series C17MR-PSB Suspending Twitchbait ( Caught three on...
1-7 of 7 Results