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    The Skiff Cane -$75 Rope Colors Available: HiVis Teal, HiVis Orange, HiVis Blue, Olive Green, Black, Silver. •Premium cork handle like your favorite fishing rod. Fits in rod tubes and easy to stow about the boat. The handle features a retaining ring to protect the cork from the rope. •Double...
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    The other day I bought a 7 ft stick it anchor for my LT 25. I just launched the skiff and was docking when I decided to try the stick anchor. Well, turns out the water was too deep so I put it back into the holders i mounted on the railing. I only stuck it in one holder properly, so when I...
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    Posting for a friend. Brand new in the boxes. 10' silver/black matched set, 2 brackets/backplates wireless remote. Retail $4,500+tax. Sell both for $3000+shipping or local pickup in Gulf County FL. If interested or if you have questions please call Jerry @ 850-227-5479
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