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  1. New ISO skiff

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone. New to the forum here and I’m looking for a skiff. I first started looking at the Eastcape Gladesmen but they’re hard to find and over my range. Recently, I looked at the Gheenoe LT25 and the Skimmer Skiff 14’6. I live in Miami. I’d like to fish inshore, coastal, mangroves, etc...
  2. Need Advice On Scott 16’ Deep Duckboat

    General Discussion
    Hi there, I am new here and looking for anyone who has experience with the Scott (Abitibi & co) 16’ deep duck boats. The mold is virtually the same as a Towee, but the transom is not straight across like the Towee. I am in Maine, and have found a brand new one with new 15hp and trailer for a...
  3. Anyone heard of Bossman Tailspotter

    Gulf Coast, Alabama to Texas
    About to go look. Fishing in Rockport Texas, will this work for a fat old man. 2015 Bossman TailSpotter Poling Skiff 2015 Mercury 60hp 4-Stroke Outboard Only 48hrs on it! 2015 Aluminum Trailer Very nice poling skiff. Floats skinny and is ready to take fishing. The TailSpotter provides...
  4. LT 10 for Christmas! Now I need advice!

    General Discussion
    The wifey surprised me with a deposit on an Gheenoe LT 10 for Christmas and a riptide transom mount motor! I'm excited but candidly, I want to keep it as bare bones, fast, rugged, and cheap as possible without cutting corners and hopefully without wiring or an extension box. So, I've got some...
  5. Matagorda Bay Area in Winter

    Fly Fishing
    Hey all, I'm planning a trip to Matagorda Bay area for a couple days of fishing between Christmas & New Years. I'll be meeting up with a friend from West Texas who has a Hog Island Skiff. Neither of us has experience in the area (he has inlaws there), and this will be the first time the Hog...