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50 hp

  1. WTB outboard 40hp or 50

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    Hey guys I’m looking for an outboard for a skiff 2016 or newer could be new old or used 40hp or 50hp no tiller or if you know of an older boat for sale with a newer outboard on looking at 5k or lower don’t mind if 2 stroke or 4 stroke prefer 2 or know of any places that may have new outboards...
  2. Beavertail B2 with 2 Stroke 50 HP Yamaha prop help

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    I’ve got a 2009 Beavertail B2 with a 50 HP Yamaha 2 stroke. At 5500 rpms, I’m getting around 24knots, but think the boat should be around 28-30 knots. The prop I have came with the boat, only markings on it say “11”. Any suggestions on what pitch I should get ? Boat has trim tabs so hole shot is...