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  1. 28 Johnson long to short shaft conversion

    Outboard Maintenance
    Hey I am trying to find out what drive shaft to get, to replace the one in my 28L, so that I can make it into a standard, short shaft motor. I was told that the 28 only ever came as a long shaft, so it does not seem that I can simply order a 28 short shaft drive shaft, to replace it with. Any...
  2. LT25 Suzuki 30hp prop options

    Prop Shop
    I just recently repowered my LT with a 2019 30hp zuke. Comes with a stock prop which is 10.25 x 12p 3 blade. I know guys that run mid thirties with this set up and am curious if there is any input on size and dimensions of the props they are running, the motor has power trim and tilt and I also...
  3. WTB 25-30hp tiller

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Looking to buy 25-30hp tiller with power tilt and trim. watcha got??
  4. Prop help needed

    Prop Shop
    I've got an Evinrude 30hp with a stock prop on a 16' jon boat. I want to put a cupped stainless on it to stop blowout and get a better grab. Any suggestions? Thanks Bob
  5. Mercury 30 HP 4Cycle Cutting Out

    Outboard Maintenance
    I have a 2015 Merc 30 hp tiller with electric start and tilt. Awhile back it had to sit for a number of months while I was sick. It developed a strange quirk where 1) it starts and idles fine, 2) I idle out, 3) I power up and about 20-30 seconds in, the alarm goes off and it shuts itself down...
  6. Tohatsu 30hp 4 stroke reviews/info?

    General Discussion
    Anyone with experience with the 30?