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  1. 1983 StumpNocker 13'4" with Mercury 25hp 2Stroke.

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    For Sale: SOLD 1983 StumpNocker 13'4" with Mercury 25hp 2Stroke (see short video below). 1994 Mercury 25hp 2Stroke Short Shaft , (does not come with fuel tank). New 4 Blade and Used 3 Blade propeller comes with motor. Big Live-well and Storage well. Front Deck and Rear Bench Seat. 2001...
  2. 28 Johnson long to short shaft conversion

    Outboard Maintenance
    Hey I am trying to find out what drive shaft to get, to replace the one in my 28L, so that I can make it into a standard, short shaft motor. I was told that the 28 only ever came as a long shaft, so it does not seem that I can simply order a 28 short shaft drive shaft, to replace it with. Any...
  3. Freshwater 25hp mercury For Sale

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    I brought down from montana my 97 mercury long shaft with tiller to Key Largo in case i found a boat w/o motor. I found a boat with a motor so need to sell. 1200$ runs good it's been a solid dependable motor for me.
  4. WTB 25-30hp tiller

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Looking to buy 25-30hp tiller with power tilt and trim. watcha got??
  5. SOLD - 2005 Yamaha 25 2 stroke tiller

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Model - 25MSH Short shaft - 15" Weight - 106 lbs (per manual) Tiller Steer 2 cylinder with 2 carburetors Manual (pull) start Manual tilt with tilt lock Price - $1750 Legendary Yamaha reliability, with a simple bulletproof design you can work on yourself. Two stroke torque in a light weight...
  6. Need Major Help With J12 Build, will not plane 25hp Mercury EFI 4Stroke

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hello everyone I'm hoping some of you might have some thoughts and suggestions as to help me with my recent Carolina Skiff J12 build. I attached a few pictures below. I purchased the hull about a year ago and just recently bought a 2006 Mercury EFI 4 Stroke long shaft tiller off CL. With that...
  7. 2017 E-Tech 25hp value

    General Discussion
    I am close to buying a used boat with an almost new 2017 25hp e-tech that I would sell in order to upgrade. Motor has around 20 hours on it, warranty through 2020, power tilt, skeg is clean, stock prop. What might this be worth and how hard is it to find a buyer for a used motor in this...
  8. Mercury 15 hp and Evinrude 25 hp motor for sale

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    My new motor is ordered and have to move my current setup. The Mercury 2016 4-stroke 15 hp all manual pull start no/electric short shaft has been used 8 times just for the no motor zone so it maybe has 20 hours on it at most. Still has 1 1/2 years left on the 3 year warranty. Everything is...
  9. For Sale: 2004 G3 V 143 camo

    Microskiffs For Sale
  10. 25hp Merc 2s-What 4 Blade Prop Pitch?

    Prop Shop
    I have a 25hp Merc and currently it has a 13P 3 blade aluminum prop on it (2106R 13)(38x13P). Problem: prop blow-out. Transom is 16 1/8" tall and this motor is a short shaft which measures 17" from mount to cav plate-Not much room there in height/can't adjust down. It blows out just before the...
  11. 2 Stroke, Which MFG?

    General Discussion
    I'm looking for a 2 Stroke (20-25hp tiller) in the near future for my 13'4" StumpNocker after I pay off a few things, and I was leaning towards the new Evinrude unless someone has a better plan. I really like the 4S's oil method etc but I do not like the weight and more moving parts w/a 4S. I...
  12. 13'4" StumpNocker Skiff Tiller

    Bragging Spot
    Picked up a older StumpNocker a week or two ago. Push pole, dry storage, live well, extended front deck from PO. Added my fish finder from the Yak, rod holder and trying to figure out where I want the battery. The PO had the battery in the dry storage box but I might want it in the center right...
  13. SOLD/EXPIRED For Sale - Custom built 2004 Flats Stalker - 15ft. 1 in

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    For Sale - Custom built 2004 Flats Stalker - 15ft. 1 in 2011 25 HP 2-Stroke Mercury Sea Pro (extremely low hours- under 100 hrs). 20 ft. Stiffy fiberglass push pole Trailer included Electric Lenco Trim Tabs 6 gallon gas tank 4 rod holders This skiff will go as shallow as you'd ever want to go...