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11 weight

  1. Hardy Zephrus input needed

    Fly Fishing
    Guys, I have an opportunity to buy a brand new 11 or 12 weight Hardy Zephrus for around $380. I was originally looking at a Colton Leviathan as a backup tarpon rod. The Zephrus would mean paying about $150 more. However, the Zephrus may become my go to rod, not the backup. I still need to...
  2. The 11wt vs 12wt debate!

    Fly Fishing
    Lots of poon stick related threads going round lately. Since the holidays are over, now is prime time to get some good deals on the auction sites and classified sections. Especially on some tarpon setups. There seems to be a growing trend of guys switching to 11 wt rods for tarpon over the 12...
  3. SOLD/EXPIRED 11wt 4-piece Loomis CC GLX- SOLD

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    i purchased this rod used last year for a tarpon trip that was unfortunately cancelled. No ongoing need for it. Cork is a little dirty, but rod is otherwise in great shape. Located in Charleston. $425 shipped. Text or PM please 843-eightsix0-seven11seven
  4. Hardy Zephrus 11wt

    Bragging Spot
    I'm not one to brag, even in the "bragging spot", however, my better half graced me with a new Hardy Zephrus 11wt for Christmas. This was my first Hardy rod ever, and was stunned by the craftsmanship, the attention to detail in everything from the guides to the rod tube and sock. It really is...
  5. SOLD/EXPIRED New Scott Meridian 11 weight

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Brand New Scott Meridian 11 weight. 4 pc, with sock, tube, and original box. $700 OBO. I pay shipping.