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10k islands

  1. 10k islands

    Fishing Reports
    Hey y'all, my buddy and I just went down to 10k islands for the first time and fished it. We had done a bunch of research and spoke to several guys, both from this site and captains down there, got some incredible advise on what to look for and how to fish it. We started out hitting the...
  2. Everglades & 10K Report

    Fishing Reports
    Met up with a group of friends for a trip to the Everglades and 10K Islands for some camping and fishing. Most of us launched out of Port of the Islands and met up at the island we were camping at. First day was great weather but then the winds picked up each day after that until the day we...
  3. 10K Island Saturday November 2, 2019

    Fishing Reports
    Epic day in the 10K Islands. Over 25 snook, 10-12 reds, too many trout to count, couple of smaller grouper, several snapper, shots at tarpon but no hook ups, hooked the largest triple tail ever but lost at the boat, and my PB snook--over 40". What a day!
  4. Epic Day In the Ten Thousand Islands

    Fishing Reports
    Fished Saturday out of Chokoloskee. We launched at OR at first light, sunrise at 6:37 a.m. Low tide was at 9:46 a.m. so we had a few hours of falling water to fish before the tide change. Full moon on the 19th, so I was a little anxious about the prospects for the day as the overnight was...
  5. 10K Islands May 11

    Fishing Reports
    We ran Tom's Master Angler on Saturday, launching at Outdoor Resorts Chokoloskee at first light. The schizophrenic weatherman had it wrong again-6 to 8 from the SE turned out to be 10-15, so we stayed in the backcountry. Tide was outgoing. Water temps are going up--low 80 degree range most of...
  6. 10K Islands April 6

    Fishing Reports
    Last backcountry trip of the year with my buddy Shannon. The water temperatures are inching up and the skeeters are getting angry! Launched at Outdoor World at 6:30 a.m. just as the sun was peaking over the tops of the mangrove shoreline to the east. We ran the Lopez River as we planned to fish...

    Florida Gulf Coast
    Someone on the Forum recently contacted me for some help preparing for an upcoming trip to the Marco Island/10K Islands area. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the text message with your email address. As I promised to email you this evening, I feel bad. If that's you--send me a DM with...
  8. 10K Islands December 22

    Fishing Reports
    Had a terrific day in the 10K Islands yesterday with my buddy Mike. We launched at Outdoor Resorts around 6:30 a.m. and planned to fish close in to Chokoloskee in the backcountry. Wind was a bit more brisk than the weatherman predicted, imagine that! Initially overcast, the sky cleared and we...
  9. 10K Islands November 8

    Fishing Reports
    Took a weekday off to take my old friend Captain Tom Ross out to Chokoloskee to fish the ENP and the 10K Islands. Tom is currently running a 74' Merritt for an owner out of Annapolis, but the boat is in the yard for some work through the end of the year. Tom is an accomplished blue water...
  10. 10K Islands November 1

    Fishing Reports
    Launched at OR on a high tide around 7:15 a.m. and was excited about the prospects of fishing the outgoing water all day. But, the weatherman lied again and winds were strong out of the ESE, so we stayed primarily on the inside, fishing the backcountry creeks and coves. The trout bite was on...
  11. 10K Islands September 15

    Fishing Reports
    Launched at OR at dawn, ran the twisty turn, out the pass and headed south. Early morning high tide, so we had outgoing water all morning. Light winds from the S-SW. Blue skies with some clouds during the day, but no rain (and even nicer, no lightning!). The water was murky in most places...
  12. 10K Island

    Fishing Reports
    Fishing seems to be slow in the 10K Islands lately. Reports of a more catches of catfish than just about anything else. Heard yesterday that perhaps all the rain and freshwater is the reason. Anybody have a take on this?