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Butt Rest Fishing Rod Holder.

Butt Rest

Undoubtedly we have all seen fishing shows that are nothing more than well-edited attempts to push the latest gizmo onto us, the buying public. Every host swears their product will not only make us look cool while on the water, but as well make us better fishermen, or women. Let me be the first to tell you...Hogwash. I have closets, bags, and a garage full of the latest high tech fishing must haves, and I still do not look cool on the water nor has my fishing prowess gotten any better.

When asked to demo and review a new product, as always I am eager to test out the latest gadget. When I was told the name of the product, I was to say the least skeptical. After all I have a sterling reputation in the fishing industry; my fans expect only the finest. I was told it was a Butt Rest...

A what?
I can not stake my over exaggerated reputation on something called a Butt Rest.
What will the guys think?
What will my mom think?
Needless to say, I agreed to test.

This is by far one of the simplest additions to your arsenal, and the folks who designed and brought it to market are geniuses. I can bet most of us have ripped belt loops and pockets trying to shove our fishing rod butts or removing them for a quick cast at our prey. This is your remedy! Quite honestly, it will make you look cool! It is designed to clip on to your belt, waist, or around your neck with its two purpose lanyard. Two purposes you ask? We will get to that later.

The Butt Rest is very light and sturdy made with aluminum frame and a foam insert.  (Looks like SeaDek) With a well balanced rod and reel it holds the rod level and out of your way while poling, wading, or paddling. It does so quite well and for those of us whom pole our craft while looking for a chance to cast it makes for easy access. The foam eliminates any chance of marring the foam or cork grips on our rods. The grip is tight enough to hold the rod butt snuggly yet can easily be removed with one hand and little effort.

Close up of Butt Rest

This review is not without honesty as I found a couple of issues. The major issue is for those who have an unbalanced rod and reel. I happen to have one that I refuse to change as the mojo can not be replaced. The Butt Rest can not compensate for a thumb therefore does not keep the rod at a level plain. I could see a rod tip being broken, or the entire rod falling into the water. Another issue was the belt clip. Although the entire Butt Rest is one piece of aluminum the clip portion can be squeezed to tighten or slightly pulled to loosen. However, I wear shorts of a thin material, and when clipped to the waist it is easy to pull the Butt Rest off when grabbing the rod for a cast. Not a big issue in itself, however this could cause you to drop the Butt Rest into the water if not careful.

These issues are minor especially in contrast to the usefulness of this product. The Butt Rest does exactly as advertised. It is a no frills simple yet well thought out tool. I also learned that when clipped to the waist, on the back side of my shorts the Butt Rest can serve two purposes. When the rod is removed with one hand the push pole (if pushing with the foot up) can be rested in the clip thus saving a few precious seconds between seeing the fish and casting. The fact that it is aluminum assures durability and light weight. The foam grip seems to be quite durable as well, although I did not test with the old knife trick. Should you damage the foam insert the website sells them for $4.00.

Butt Rest i use

Remember that lanyard? Not only is it adjustable to hold the Butt Rest around your neck at levels (depending on your height) ranging from your gut to under your chin, but it has an integrated whistle. Now you have a noise making device should you need to scare off the fish. The whistle is rather loud to be so small, however I decided to forgo any testing of emergency drills as I am sure the FWC would not have been amused.

The Butt Rest also comes in a small nylon net bag with a draw sting. This bag is not only good for storing your new addition to the tackle box, or any other small items that just do not have a place.

The final portion of this word laden write up is price. My alter ego "Costefishnt" stands for something. I am an average guy who works hard for every penny needs to spend as little money as possible to keep my passion afloat. What money I do spend needs to be spent wisely on items for longevity, and usefulness. The Butt Rest @ $25.00 is well priced and worth every penny. Would I go out and buy this when I have perfectly good belt loops on my shorts? Yes, as I really don't have any belt loops left! I plan on getting a couple of these as it would make a great gift for my fishing partner (My son) and some other professionals.

Check out the website at and order one. For you girly men or the women they have a pink one! Replacement foam, lanyards, and even the bag are also available.

Butt Rest

Prostaff CurtisReview by: Curtis Cost Efish'nt³ Wright Pro Staff


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