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Maverick HPX Micro

Maverick HPX Micro

It's a 'micro' right?

Yes it is! Maverick Boat Company has a new treat for your garage. Their HPX 'Micro' is based on the HPX-V & T models but has gone on a serious weight loss program. MBC was able to shed almost 300lbs from the final weight of the skiff.

The weight loss comes through the removal of drop in liners. I think this is a plus. MBC finishes the compartments off very well and you actually have more storage than the typical HPX model. The storage is large enough to store all your tackle, and still have room left over for more tackle! Who has enough tackle, right?

MBC also tested tooling and constructions techniques to help lighten the skiff. The result is a light weight skiff that requires very little power to run. Today running a brand new 4 stroke 40 hp Yamaha with only 1 hour on the clock we easily zipped along at 35 MPH. This is with Skip and myself in the boat and a live well with water sloshing around in it. Power came on strong and smooth. The 40hp motor is a very attractive compliment to the HPX Micro in this day and age of fuel efficiency. Motoring along with 2 anglers and getting almost 13 MPG using Yamaha's new EFI 4 stroke (to be released sometime this fall) makes those runs to where the fish are much easier on the pocket book.

The Micro rides very nice. With an essentially flat bottom I was concerned about a chop. I have to say I was impressed. My old Pathfinder 17T would never be able to hold a candle to the ride of the Micro. It will never ride as well as the bigger brother the V but it was very comfortable. The skiff corners well with proper use of trim and throttle.

Poling the HPX Micro is very easy. We had the problem today of not having water SHALLOW enough to get a good sense of it full potential, but lacking the ultra skinny water Skip was kind enough to let me push him as shallow as we could find. The skiff spins easily and tracks well. The only trade off I could find is the skiff in a healthy breeze will crab sideways more than the HPX V due to it's flatter hull shape. The skiff is still as quiet as the rest of the HPX breed with their no slap hull. Those redfish never heard us till we were almost on top of them. Would have been nice if I brought a rod with me huh?

The HPX Micro is a logical well thought addition to the MBC line up. Because of the savings in material and manufacturing with the added bonus of sharing many of it's parts like the center console from it's older HPX siblings MBC is able to offer the Micro at a price point that is very competitive in the microskiff market place.

Capt. Jan

3207 Industrial 29 Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34946

phone: 772.465.0631
fax: 772.489.2168

web site:


LOA: 16’9”
Beam: 6’3”
Weight Fully Rigged: 850 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 15 gallons
Max Horsepower: 50
Standard Features:
Recessed Trim Tabs
Poling Tower
Auto-lift, flush-mount push pole holders
VARIS Construction (Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion System)
Under gunnel rod storage with tubes for tip protection
Waterproof switch panel with circuit breakers
Yamaha Multi-function Gauges
MSRP: $26,499 - F40
Available with Yamaha F40 or two stroke 50.
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